The Silver Talon

Goblin, Empyreum, Ward 17 Plot 26Opens:
➵ Monday 12 am - 3 am PST (5 pm - 8 pm AEST)
➵ Tuesday 12 am - 4 am PST ( 5 pm - 9 pm AEST)
➵ Thursday 5 pm - 8 pm PST (Friday 10 am - 1 pm AEST)


☆ You must be 18+ to RP at the Silver Talon. We deal in alcohol and mature themes, so minors are prohibited.
☆ Please stow weapons, minions and pets before you walk in or at the counter.
☆ No public ERP is permitted, take it to a private party chat, tells or outside of the tavern. And don't make it obvious.
☆ Under no circumstance is harassment tolerated.
☆ Do not pretend to be staff unless permitted. We'll know.
☆ The private quarters are off-limits.
☆ Flirting with bartenders and asking staff out on duty is prohibited.
Staff can and will report those that don't follow rules.☆Staff Roles☆
Green Badge: Managers
Yellow badge: Bartenders

"Happy hunting."

After a successful hunt or a busy day, nothing is better than a moment of respite. Stop by the Silver Talon, grab a drink and relax for while. Bring your friends, or make some new ones.

Reception and Lounge: Main Floor
☆ Hang out and socialize in the open space of the main floor or check out the various statues, trophies and figure collection.
☆ Grab a drink from the minibar, on quiet nights or when the downstairs bar is crowded.

Talon Bar: Downstairs
☆ Free drinks from a selection of signature cocktails.
☆ Special Resupply menu: Buy raid-ready food and potions, ready for your next battle. (Costs gil)

Baths: Upstairs
☆ If you're in need of a cleanse after a long and hard day, the baths and showers are open for use.
NOTE: No NSFW content is permitted in public.

Quiet Lounge: Upstairs
☆ For those that find the bar to be a little overwhelming, the lounge upstairs provides and cozy atmosphere for you to relax.

Primal menu

These drinks are only available during special openings or certain off-hour nights. Run by Ser Demetr'a, these are sure to add a little spin to our normal lineup.

Lady of Ice

A blended cocktail consisting of white rum, blue curacao, prickly pineapple juice, and coconut cream. It's garnished with a wedge of pineapple, and a cherry.
*Only available during pop up events.


Rimmed with chocolate, and filled with a creamy mixture of Viera Cream Liqueur, and coffee liqueur and served on the rocks.
*Only available during pop up events.

Judgement Bolt

A set of four shot glasses each filled with a jiggly wiggly gelatin made with pixie apple pie moonshine. It'll shock your socks off!
*Only available during pop up events.

Ifrit's Favor

A simple, fruity, and refreshing cocktail. This flaming Thyme and Rolanberry daiquiri is sure to erupt some flavor all over your tongue.
*Only available during pop up events.


A minty take on an espresso martini, freshly brewed coffee is mixed with vodka and mint liqueur before being topped with cream and chocolate. This drink will give you the energy of a hurricane!

Iris Fallenheart

Role: Owner
Age: Early 20s
Gender: Female
A freelance bodyguard and mercenary, Iris established the Silver Talon for adventurers like her who seek a relaxing haven after a long hunt. She's confident, quick-witted, and rather stoic with a certain grace to her fierceness. She takes on any challenge with a smile, whether it's a new opponent or a simple date. She also never turns down a drink.

Demetr’a Zeruvos

Role: Manager / Dancer
Age: Early 20s
Gender: Male
Used to live as his family's traditional dancer...this viera is always ready to gift you entertainment within The Silver Talon's walls. There to help guide and aid others' to the best of his abilities, he is a blessing to have around to lift the mood up. Always ready to support you and give you the best of wishes for your upcoming travels and health in the coming future. Maybe even some playful banter...

Mraethis Xavalien

Role: Bartender
Age: Mid 30s
Gender: Female
A (mostly) retired mercenary, Mraethis now works at the Silver Talon after deciding that mercenary work wasn't for her anymore. She now aims to help make the tavern a welcoming place for adventurers and former ones alike.

Haine of House Kleine

Role: Alchemist | Crafter
Age: 27
Gender: Male | He/Him
A reclusive Alchemist based in Ishgard, his House's business of Chocobo raising led into his studies of crafting. Now employed at the Silver Talon to provide tinctures, potions and things of the like, he'll be found around the establishment on rare occasions. Bearing a sharp tongue and a cold, formal way of speaking, he tends to be avoidant of others. (He really does mean well, though.)

Baiju Ura

Role: Bartender
Age: 24
Gender: male
A Xaela who spent most of its young life around the tall mountains and stayed mostly to himself and his tribe. Even with living a much secluded life the Au ra has found his way into enjoying a vibrant social life by being a bartender and loves to serve drinks almost as much as he enjoys annoying Demetr'a.

Hihiru Hikaru

Role: Bartender
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Hihiru is a plainsfolk hailing from the south sea isles, who mostly does work for the adventurers guild. He's happy to listen to your woes or just have a casual conversation...If he can see you over the bar.


Role: Your local knife loverThe first of our lovely helpful Namazus! Nezzy specializes in knives and aiding in making drinks with the bartenders. Not the most sociable of its kind, this obnoxious friend of ours loves to help. Language is not his strong not expect a lot when trying to make a conversation worth wild.


Role: Your local bookwormThe second of our lovely helpful Namazus, Nezzy's special friend who is always up to meet new patrons. Opposite to Nezzy, this little guy is up for any conversation that comes its way. Head always stuck in a book in between duties...he may just come up to you for a little obnoxious chat!

"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this."

An adventurer must always be prepared for the quest ahead. Here you can buy high-tier food and potions to ensure you're at peak performance during the fight.

2k gil each
- Beef Stroganoff
- Sykon Cookies
- Pumpkin Ratatouille
- Thavnarian Chai
- Pumpkin Potage
1.5k gil each (6-pack: 6k gil)
- Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Mind
One-Shot Bundle
5k gil
One food item of your choice, plus 3 potions.

"Care for a show?"

Our personal dancer, Demetr'a, loves to put on a show. During the night he'll sometimes dance at the bar, free for conversation for those that are enticed by his moves.If you find yourself wanting more, you can pay him to dance some more for your pleasure. ♡
Note: Clothes will be optional.
- 5k gil per 5 minutes

"Looking for more, are you?"

If you're looking for more of our charming dancer, he offers reservations for additional services should you desire. He's a busy man, so he makes every moment worth your gil.NOTE: Has a heavy preference on males. Demetr'a is allowed to turn down reservations and requests if uncomfortable, or if time does not allow.Standard Tier
75k an hour
A private dance between him and you, with whatever intimate conversation you desire. Look, but don't touch.
Rose Tier:
125k an hour
Demetr'a will spend more than just an intimate moment with you, getting up close and personal to relief stress and fulfill desires.
- NSFW content included.
Devilment Tier:
Only for the boldest of patrons, spend the entire day with our lovable Viera doing whatever your hearts desire. All kinks, all desires, yours for the taking. Or his, if you let him.
- NSFW content included.
* 50% extra fee for any additional person